November 2020

3232 – A project for the Economic Empowerment of Youths with disabilities was approved for the sum of €6,000 at Lusaka, Zambia.

3233 – The supply of equipment for St Francis Xavier School, Dinguel, Tamil Nadu, India was approved for €6,000.

3234 – The sum of €6,000 was approved towards the extension of the Primary School, Rogballon, Madina, Sierra Leone.

3235 – A project for a rain water facility at Kombacha Leper Community, Ethiopia was approved for the sum of €4,500.

3236 – Medical Equipment for Mount of Olives, Health Centre, Mosocho, Kenya was approved for €6,000.

3237 – A project for the building of latrines at the Cultural Centre, Ruhengeri, Rwanda was approved for €6,000.

3239 – The provision of Teachers Accommodation at St John the Baptist Secondary School, Odzi, Muture, Zimbabwe was approved for €6,000.