Recent Funded Projects

July / August 2021

3265 – A project for the acquisition of two motor cycles at the Healthcare Outreach Programme at Oku Clinic, Ashanti Region, Ghana was approved for €5,000.

3266 – An application for a project for the supply of safe clean drinking water at St Michael’s High School, Chowk Sarwar Shaheed Ghan, Pakistan was approved for the sum of €6,500.

3267 – The furnishing of the Pharmaceutical Assistant’s School at Ngaramtomi, Tanzania was approved for €8,000.

3268 – A project for the acquisition of Wheelchairs at Kawolo Welfare Primary School, Clock Tower, Kampala, Uganda was approved for a grant of €8,000.

3269 – A project for the provision of toilets and bathrooms at Caussanel Psychiatic Rehabilitation Centre, Mekkalur, Tamil Nadu, India was approved for €5,000.

3270 – An application for the installation of Pit Latrines and Water Harvesting at Holy Family Bukulula Primary School, Masaka, Uganda was approved for the sum of €4,500.

3271 – A project for the renovation of a small building as a Laboratory at Kasina Health Centre, Linthipe 1 Dedeze, Malawi was approved for €5,000.