September 2019

3184: A project for renovation of three classroom blocks at St Theresa Kindergarten, Parombo Parish, Nebbi Diocese, Uganda was approved for €8,000.

3185: A project for the provision of hand pumps for drinking water for a number of villages in Mirpur Khas Sindh, Pakistan was approved for €5,000.

3186: An application for Skills Training at Our Lady of Mercy, Makuru Vocational Training Centre, Nairobi, Kenya was approved for the sum of €8,000.

3188: An application for building of sanitation facilities, toilets etc. for St Joseph’s Primary School, Asambia, Kampala, Uganda was approved for €8,000.

3189; An application for support at an early an Learning Centre, Maseru, Lesotho was approved for €3,000.

3190; An application for support for a Water Pump at Chiringa Health Centre, Phalombe, Malawi was approved for €4,000.