March 2019

3154: An application for a Pit Latrine at St Francis Zavier Primary School, Kabale, Uganda was approved for the sum €7,200.

3159: A project for the installation of a Solar Energy System at Selam Youth Centre, Kopbolcha, Ehtiopia was approved for the sum of €3,000.

3160: A project for Training Traditional Birth Attendants, Jhang District, Punjab, Pakistan was approved for €6,000.

3161: An application for assistance with the creation of a Science Laboratory at Nativity Secondary School, Makurdi, Nigeria was approved for €6,000.

3162: A Safe Drinking Water project for the Sacred Heart Girl’s Hill School Multan, Punjab, Pakistan was approved for €5,000.

3164: A project for Assistance with the maintenance and extension of the water supply at Shappa, Ethopia was approved for €7,000.

3165: A project for the supply of benches for Psychotherapy unit for Orphans at Muea, Cameroon was approved for €2,250.