In March of this year a grant of €4,000 was approved for the supply of a Maize Grinding Mill for Chipangula Village, Malawi. The village is situated in a very remote area within the Highlands of Malawi with the nearest town, Blantyre, being a journey of some 90 kilometres. The local people, being made aware of the possibility of a grant from the Fund had constructed a building in advance to house the mill.

(Pictures below. Click to enlarge.)

The mill being offloaded with the assistance of local people.

The Mill was installed in July and will be of benefit, not alone to the people of the village, but also other villages in the area. Pictured are people preparing to grind the maize.

The people of the village expressed their gratitude to the Fund for the grant. Pictured are some of them setting out for home with the finished product.