May 2017

The following projects were awarded grants in May 2017

No. 3062: The fitting out of a Community Centre at Masinga Area, Malawi was approved for a grant of €6,000.

No. 3063: The supply of a Solar Energy System for St Paul Community Centre, Haiti was approved for a grant of €7,500.

3064: An application for a grant for renewal of the roof at Janjagiro School, Kigali, Rwanda was approved for the sum of €8,000.

3065: The provision of a bakery for HIV/AIDS affected women and orphans at Kisil, Kenya was approved for a grant of €8,000.

3066: A project for the upgrading of St Bakhita’s Secondary School, Torit, South Sudan was approved for the sum of €7,740.

3067: The purchase of school materials for St Patrick’s School, Torit, South Sudan was approved for the sum of €6,000.

3070: The construction of a three roomed class room for Notre Dame, High School, Masaka, Uganda was approved for the sum of €6,000.

3071: The refurbishment of a school and provision of a new classroom block, Kabwe, Zambia was approved for the sum of €8,000.

3072: A water and sanitation project for St Ode School for visually impaired at Kisumo, Kenya was approved for a grant of €8,000.