September 2012

The following projects were awarded grants in September 2012

1. The sum of €6,200 was approved for a Safe Rain Water Harvesting project at St John Paul Mugwanya Complex Primary School, Masaka.

2. €8,000 was approved for the renovation of 2 classrooms at St. Kizito Primary School, Mpigi, Uganda.

3. The sum of €8,000 was approved for a water and sanitation project at Karage Kindergarten, Yendi, Ghana.

4. A skills training course in rope making was approved for the sum of €3,500 for Dalit Women in Tamil Nadu, India.

5. The sum of €8,000 was approved for equipment for the maternity wing of St Claire’s Health Centre, Elborgon, Kenya.

6. An application from the Consulata Sisters at Temake, Tanzania for a Training Course for Nurse Assistants was approved for the sum of €4,000.

7. The sum of €2,800 was approved for the provision of an Emergency Night Shelter at Kawbe, Zambia.

8. The Committee approved a grant of €3,300 for the purchase of materials for a rain water container for St Marks School, Kakanega, Kenya.

9. An application from Rural Poverty Women’s Organisation, Tamil Nadu, India was approved for a grant of €5,000 for the provision of drinking water facilities around five villages.

10. An application for the Provision of Guttering and Water Tanks for Rotu pre Primary School, Kenya was approved for €6,000.

11. A livestock support project from the Society for Women Empowerment Tamil Nadu was approved for €6,000.

12. The sum of €4,000 was approved for “Tools for Solidarity” for shipping of a container for a tailoring project programme in Busoga, Uganda.