January 2012

The following projects were awarded grants in January 2012

1: The amount of €3,300 was approved for the finishing of a girls’ hostel in Muganga, Tanzania.

2: The sum of €8,000 was approved for the construction of a kitchen at St Teresa’s Secondary School, Bwanda, Uganda.

3: A grant of €6,400 was approved for the Empowerment of Mikomwe Community Based Organisation, Malawi.

4: The sum of €4,500 was agreed for the Womens’ Literacy Programme in Multan, Pakistan.

5: The Community Water Programme project in Kitala Diocese, Kenya was awarded a grant of €6,000.

6: Christuraja Higher Secondary School Palayankottai, Tamilnadu, India was granted €7,000 for a computer library.

7: A grant of €7,000 was approved for the renovation of boarding facilities at St. Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired, Makeni, Sierra Leone.

8: Salem Social Services Alagapurum, India was granted €7,000 for Prison Ministry Services.

9: €7,000 was approved for the repair of school buildings at St Anthony’s Middle School, Pudukottai, India.

10: A grant of €3,000 was awarded to Dessie Boarding School, Ethiopia towards the cost of constructing a sports field at the school.

11: The Income Generating Programme at Rung Village, Myanmar was approved for a grant of €7,000.

12: €8,000 was agreed for the purchase of a generator at St. Blaise Clinic, Bamenda, Cameroon.

13: A grant of €4,200 was awarded to Mt. Carmel Girls’ Secondary School, Bungoma, Kenya for the purchase and installation of rain gutters at the school.

14: A grant of €6,000 was approved for an agricultural project in Mikelle, Ethiopia.