January 2011

The following projects were awarded grants in January 2011

No. 2589: The sum of €1,000 was approved for the purchase of a water tank at Karuguuza, Uganda for the local Primary School.

No. 2592: A secondary school in Kenema, Sierra Leone, was awarded €6,000 for the purchase of furniture.

No. 2593: €4,000 was approved for a Skills Training project in Soweto, South Africa.

No. 2594: Bashanet Hospital, Arusha, Tanzania was awarded the sum of €8,000 for necessary development work at the Hospital.

No. 2597: Peru Children’s Charity, Lima, Peru was approved for a grant of €9,500 for the building of a Therapy Centre for children with special needs.

No. 2598: A grant of €5,000 was approved for the building of 2 classrooms at a Primary School in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

No. 2599: The sum of €6,000 was awarded for a project entitled “Creating Awareness Against Human Trafficking in Kenya”.

No. 2600: A grant of €4,500 was awarded for an income generating project in the Tshopo District, Democratic Republic of Congo.

No. 2602: The Don Bosco Matriculation School at Chennai, India was approved for a grant of €8,000 for the purchase of classroom desks & benches.

No. 2603: €3,700 was awarded to the Foundation for Integrated Development, Bo, Sierra Leone for the provision of sanitary facilities at Agape Way Primary School.

No. 2607: St Francis Hospital, Okpara, Delta State, Nigeria was awarded a grant of €6,200 for a building project at the Hospital.

No. 2608: Our lady’s Hospice, Lusaka, Zambia was awarded a grant of €6,770 for the purchase and installation of Solar Panels at the Hospice.