July 2013

The following projects were awarded grants in July 2013

No.2813: A project for the development of services for children/young people with disabilities at Thigio, Ndeiya, Kiambu West, Kenya was approved for the sum of €4,000.

No.2815: The Committee approved an application for €4,000 for a project “Women Empowerment Through Sustainable Agriculture” at Faisalabad, Pakistan.

No.2817: An application for Women Income Farming Support Programme at Khanewal, Pakistan was approved for €5,000.

No.2818: A project for the purchase and installation of solar equipment at Mons Bala Secondary School, Arua, Uganda was approved for the sum of €5,700.

No.2819: The Committee approved the sum of €1,000 for the purchase of a water pump and the repair of the drainage system at Naluddugavu Construction Training Workshop, Masaka, Uganda.

No.2821: Approval was granted to St. Joseph’s Girls Animation Centre, Tamil Nadu to purchase computers at a cost of €3,000.

No.2824: The Committee approved the sum of €7,000 to St Josephs Health Centre, Kasima, Bukoba, Tanzania for a Health Care project (supply of medical equipment).