March 2014

The following projects were awarded grants in March 2014

No.2754: Was a continuation of the computer project already undertaken by Camara at St Antonio Trade School, Myeba, Tanzania. The application for a photocopier and printers was approved for the sum of €1,500.

No.2858: An application from St. Kijito’s Primary School, Bole, Ghana for the rehabilitation of a classroom block was approved for the sum of €6,400.

No.2863: The application from Golgotha Centre for provision of a carpentry workshop for vulnerable youths, Karungu, Kenya was approved for the sum of €7,500.

No.2865: The Committee approved the sum of €4,300 for rain water harvesting for St. Francisca Academy, Migori, Kenya.

No.2866: The application from St. Mary’s Medical Centre, Eldoret, Kenya for a project for the prevention of child mortality was approved for the sum of €8,000.

No.2870: An Income Generating Goat Scheme for Rural Women at Faisalabad, Pakistan was approved for a grant of €6,500.

No.2871: A project for the expansion of the area for people with disabilities in Lima, Peru was approved for a grant of €8,000.

No.2873: An application from Annai Home Children’s Orphanage, Nagar, Andichioorani, Tamil Nadu, India for construction of toilet facilities was approved for a grant of €6,000.

No.2875: The sum of €3,500 was approved for a drinking water supply system for schools and medical centre at Kimdimba Parish, Mbinga, Tanzania.

No.2877: A tree planting project for K’CHO RURAL DEV ORG, Chin State, Myanmar was approved for a grant of €4,900.

No.2878: Approval was given to ASHA Holy Cross Training Centre, Damdamia, Agartala, India to the purchase of a diesel generator at a cost of €6,000.