January 2017

The following projects were awarded grants in January 2017

No. 3033: A Water Supply and Sanitation project for Chibote Mission School, Kawambwa, Zambia was approved for a grant of €6,000.

No. 3039: The Purchase of a Maize Mill Sheller for Sitma Community, Malawi was approved for a grant of €4,100.

No. 3040: A project for the supply of classroom furniture for an Art of Living Programme run by the Komati Foundation, Alexandea, South Africa was awarded a grant of €5,000.

No. 3042: A project for the completion of three classrooms at Asili Primary School, Nebbi, Uganda was approved for a grant of €8,000.

No. 3043: A Youth Cooking Training project at Our Lady of Fatima Community Centre, Rosario, Argentina was approved for the sum of €3,000.

No. 3044: A Land for Landless People project Quoryoley, Somalia, was approved for €7,900.

No. 3046: A project for an Education for Life programme (Sanitation and Hygiene), Eldorat, Kenya was approved for a grant of €8,000.

No. 3048: A grant of €6,500 was approved for renovation of Dormitories at Mpapa Vocational Training Centre, Mbinga, Tanzania.

No. 3051: A Rainwater Harvesting System for Antonia Trade School, Mwanbani, Tanzania was approved for a grant of €7,000.